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Admiral Car InsuranceAdmiral car insurance offers a wide range of features and services at highly competitive price. Because of this more than three million cars have been insured with Admiral since 2005. Admiral car insurance markets itself as offering policies to drivers that sometimes had difficulty obtaining insurance at a reasonable price. This includes performance car owners and younger drivers. Here you can learn more about Admiral car insurance and whether it is the right choice for ensuring your vehicle – this can also be done by phoning the Admiral Insurance number.

Both multi-car and single car insurance available

Admiral offers both multi-car and single car insurance. If you take out a multi-car insurance policy you may be eligible for a discount. Admiral states that you can earn discounts of more than £200 when you take out a multi-car insurance policy.

Additional Benefits of using Admiral car insurance

With an Admiral car insurance policy you will be provided with a courtesy car while your vehicle is being repaired. In order to be eligible for a courtesy car the repair must take place in an approved garage. Another nice feature of Admiral car insurance is the ability to name drivers for the no claims bonus. This means that not only is the primary driver eligible for a no claims bonus, but other drivers can also be named and earn these bonuses. The Admiral car insurance policy includes a 24 emergency helpline which you can call if you are involved in an accident. 

Additional coverage

As well as covering damage and repairs to your vehicle, Admiral car insurance also offers some additional coverage as well. With Admiral you get 90 days European cover with any policy. This means that you can drive in European country for up to 90 days and be covered if you are involved in an accident. You also receive £5000 in personal injury cover. This means that if you are involved in serious accident and hurt you will be covered up to £5000 in medical costs. There is also a £1250 coverage on stereo and other audiovisual equipment in your vehicle.

Variety of payment methods

Admiral offers a variety of payment methods for you to pay the cost of your insurance policy. You can choose to pay your insurance policy on monthly basis. If you choose to pay by debit or credit card you can receive a 10% discount on payments. Also if you insure a second car with Admiral then they will match the no claims bonus on that vehicle.

Over 90% of people who make a claim with Admiral say that they would renew their policy. This speaks to the quality and reliability of Admiral’s customer service.