Admiral Insurance Departments

Admiral Insurance DepartmentsAdmiral Insurance Departments serve clients all across the United Kingdom. Admiral is among the leading car insurance providers in the UK. The company also provides home insurance and other products to residents of several countries. Customers often need to contact them to make claims, discuss the policies that they have or retrieve a quote – and most do this through calling the Admiral phone number.

Car Insurance Department 

You can save an average of £204 with a MultiCar quote from Admiral. Call the car insurance department to learn more about the options for policyholders with 2 cars and 2 drivers. You may also call 0843 487 1828 to learn about Admiral’s no claims bonus or find out how to get cover immediately.

Admiral has a confidentially policy and there are several ways in which your privacy is ensured when using the Admiral Insurance contact number to get help with your account. Never hesitate to call if your circumstances change, you plan to drive abroad or want to drive a friend or family member’s car and need to know if you are covered in these situations. The Admiral Insurance phone number for queries from Single-Car policyholders is 0843 487 1828.

Home Insurance Department 

Homeowners wan to ensure that their home and property is protected. If you have questions related to insuring your home and its contents speak to an Admiral Home Insurance department representative. They can help if you have a smashed window, broken boiler or other issue and need to make a claim. If you have a home emergency, need alternative accommodation or have a personal injury they can also offer assistance. The Admiral Insurance phone number for home insurance queries is 0843 487 1828.

Pet, Travel and Van Insurance 

Admiral can provide you with insurance for recreational activities such as canoeing and scuba diving. Their premiums are affordable, so that your money is available for your trip and you also have good cover while you enjoy exploring a new country. Their cat and dog insurance can help you to take care of bills at your veterinarian when urgent treatment is necessary. Van insurance provides good, affordable cover for couriers and vans of all sizes.

Call Admiral Insurance Departments on 0843 487 1828 at any time to learn about the different levels of cover which are available for pet owners, get 24 hour emergency support for travel insurance policyholders who have accidents abroad or find out about the 70% discount that is available for vans.